An update from Victoria in Canada, before we head off on our sea kayaking and orca watching trip. We’ve been in Victoria for a few days, and have caught up with old friends (of James’s) and new friends (of Farina’s).  We had a fantastic day with friends Ann and Chris the other day; we went bike riding (we shared a tandem) and then they took us out sailing for the evening. Yesterday we went wine tasting in the Cowichan Valley with Jon and Blane, and Janice and Brent.

 We’ll be out of touch for about the next 8 days- we leave early tomorrow morning for a long bus trip up to Telegraph Cove, and then we’ll be on the sea kayaking trip for 6 days. We’ll be in Vancouver on the evening of 2 September.

Until we figure out how to work this blog properly, click on the links below for some photos:

Back of the bike in Oak Bay

Windswept and interesting

 Sailing into the sun

Happy sailors 

Cherry Point vineyard (a First Nations vineyard run by Cowichan Band)

Arty grape shot